What does love look like?

What does love look like?

There’s an easy answer. It’s Jesus.

But, that doesn’t really articulate what it looks like in the many circumstances and situations we are faced with. While Jesus holds the answer, there are situations we don’t specifically see in the scriptures, so what does it look like so we can apply it to our circumstance?

Well, I don’t have an answer for you. Honestly, anyone who says they can tell you what love naturally looks like in every situation is unaware of the vastness of love.

While there are constants in every situation, such as not being selfish, exercising self-control, bringing peace, etc, there are many variables that prohibit the ability to articulate what love looks like – love looks different in every situation.

This is why having a relation with Jesus is critical and vital to living an abundant life where we love as He loves. We cannot create or access an equation on what to do in every circumstance. We can, however, access Jesus who can provide guidance in His love and wisdom through the nuances of a situation. Applying that wisdom and approach to the next situation or to our neighbor’s situation isn’t necessarily the way to go.

The guidance you received from Jesus in one situation isn’t necessarily transferable to another situation. There are lessons and foundational principles that can be applied but the actions may differ.

In all things seek first the Kingdom. Seek Jesus. Talk to Him and listen to Him. Don’t create methods and rules from one encounter. That’s not the intention of Him speaking. He speaks out of relationship, not out of rule building.

What does love look like? Within a situation I don’t know, but I know the source of love; Jesus. Jesus is always the answer. Let Him guide you. His advice will always look like love; not from a human perspective, but a divine one. A perspective that is above human ways and understanding.

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