Proverbs 22: Goodbye

It’s been a couple weeks, I think, since I’ve done a Proverbs devotional. We had a weekend event that our ministry was hosting and my time was taken up in preparing for it. I also work full time and 2 of my daughters are involved in extracurricular activities, so I’m also their personal driver. =)

The writing mentorship I’m a part of was still pushing full steam ahead and I was following along as best I could. My old self would have gotten frustrated at the lack of time to do what I really love and want to do, but the Holy Spirit has been leading and teaching me. I’ve been learning to trust the story and appreciate where I am on the journey while I’m there; being present and taking as much (good in) as I can in each moment in time.

Although I wasn’t reading Proverbs, writing about Proverbs, or writing for my book, I was writing. I was studying and preparing for a weekend conference I was teaching at. Also, there were times I was spending with Jesus and the Holy Spirit spoke something to me so I shared it either on my (this) site or wrote it down. I’m saying this because part of the learning is to have a clear perspective on the goals I have. The goal and activations in my mentoring group has been writing. I had to talk myself out of guilt some days of not doing this devotional. I had to go above the guilt and remember WHY! Why did I commit to this devotional? That would help me gain perspective. The goal wasn’t Proverbs Devotional in itself; it was bigger than that. I was accomplishing those goals even though I wasn’t here writing this devotional daily.

But here I am. Back at it. So, let’s dive in Proverbs 22.

Todays verses are 2 different topics and are unrelated – well, at least to you. For me, where I am right now in a situation we’ve been facing, they are connected and provided confirmation that a decision we made was the wisest and for the best. All we can do is follow the wisdom and advise of the Holy Spirit. The rest is up to Him.

S- Scripture

A prudent person with insight foresees danger coming and prepares himself for it. But the senseless rush blindly forward and suffer the consequences.

Say goodbye to a troublemaker and you’ll say goodbye to quarrels, strife, tension, and arguments for a troublemaker traffics shame.

Proverbs 22:3 & 10

O- Observation

When teaching about dreams in the conference I was a part of the other weekend, I shared how there are different types of dreams. I won’t go into each type, but I’ll share one that’s relevant to the devotional today. Sometimes we have dreams, visions, and I’ll add, the Holy Spirit reveals something to us, because He loves us and wants us to prepared for what is to come. Sometimes He reveals things for us to pray against and release change. Then there are times where He will reveal something for us to pray and intercede for, but He wants us to have wisdom and be prepared for what is to come. I like the word TPT uses – insight. He gives us insight so that we can foresee things and prepare.

In Genesis 41 we see something like this in the life of Joseph. Joseph is presented with Pharaoh’s dream and he interprets it. Joseph knows that what the dream is saying is sure to happen. He doesn’t go into panic nor hiding. He presented Pharaoh with solutions to the problem. He didn’t prophesy that the Lord would deliver them, but he offered Pharaoh wisdom in how to prepare for the famine so that they wouldn’t find themselves in complete devastation. I encourage you to read that story. It’s pretty neat.

Over the last few months, the Lord has spoken to us. He has been guiding us and showing us the best way. The lies kept pushing and pushing. Evil and darkness appeared to be prevailing. The truth is that those coming against us were aligning with lucifer. There’s no other way to put it. I’m being very plain because it was evident that they were intentionally coming against the work of God – not just in us, but those who love Jesus alongside us. When they started attacking what God had given us, we had a decision to make.

I was fervently seeking the Lord for our situation to have an outcome that would extinguish the lies and where truth prevails in a certain way. Well, the way I was seeing possible. Lucifer was working and he wasn’t even disguising himself. It had enemy written all over it. I thought victory would look a certain way.

As time progressed, the lies got worse and more intense. The father of lies was clearly at work and using people to TRY and destroy us. Jealousy, envy, and obsession had taken over them and they couldn’t and can’t even see that they are aligning with darkness. However, we refused to participate in the slander, lies, and strife. There were moments that a strategy to defeat these lies were presented, and although it would bring sure victory (in the natural), the destruction that would result just wasn’t worth it. The spirit and souls of all involved were of much more value than natural gain for us.

Out of love, we made a decision we thought we’d never make. We never thought God would lead us in this direction, but He knows ALL hearts and intentions. He hears conversations we cannot hear. He sees and knows the heart of all men. That is where the second verse comes in.

Say goodbye to a troublemaker and you’ll say goodbye to quarrels, strife, tension, and arguments, for a troublemaker traffics in shame.

the NASB says

Drive out the scoffer, and contention will go out, even strife and dishonor will cease.

So, we said goodbye to evil. We said goodbye to troublemakers. We said goodbye to quarrels, to strife, to tension, and especially to arguments. I believe there are plenty of verses in the Bible that talk about how silly it is to argue with fools. Off the top of my head I know that in Matthew 7:6 Jesus makes a statement about how we shouldn’t cast our pearls before swine.

Now is the time for reality to set in and for healing to begin. I have no choice but to see this as a start of something and to keep moving forward. NOTHING will deter/frustrate the plans of God. Not in our lives anyway. God can do whatever He wants to do in, through, from, and for us.

Before I end today’s devotional, I pray for you, reader. I pray that the Lord provide you insight and give you wisdom to prepare for all things ahead – not just bad, but good. Enjoy the blessings of the Lord in your life. Throw yourself into His arms and rest in Him. Enjoy the peace and joy of Him. Know that He has good thoughts for you. There is no evil in Him. There is only light…and He is releasing His light for, in, and through you. – in Jesus name.


7 thoughts on “Proverbs 22: Goodbye

  1. Thank you for your prayer. Inpray that true peace will enter into your situation too. So good to read your blog again ❤

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    1. Thank you Meliza. It’s been quite an experience putting myself out there and being vulnerable. Devotional a should be personal and have application, but to post them publicly. Yikes. I’m hoping to encourages people to do their own Proverbs devotional. This is my 4th or 5th time. Each time I catch new things; timely wisdom and insights. I know it will do the same for anyone else.


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  2. Praying for you all. Thank you Father God for loving them all through this season in their life. Protect them and give them peace.
    Thank you Andrea, I needed this today, I am going through a season where I must cut my losses.
    Love, hugs, and Blessings

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    1. Thank you Cheryl. There are seasons where we must shed/cut off certain things. No matter how much we love the Lord, there are things that are hard to shed, but Jesus wants us to advance. From glory to glory. That walk through The Valley can be difficult, but keep your eyes on Jesus and it’ll help you get across.



  3. Hello Annette. I apologize if you’ve gotten that impression. I’ve never called out family not stated that family is the problem. I have, however, written about lies and slander being spoken about us and asked for people to pray for my family. I’ve not spoken against them. I love my family. I will go through my posts and verify that I haven’t misspoken because I’ve not spoken against family. I’ve spoken against lies and slander. Not sure how you interpreted that as speaking against my family. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Blessings.


  4. Actually, after reading it, I realized that no one outside the situation could possibly know what I’m referring to. Sounds to me like you may have not “stumbled” upon my blog.

    But based on your admonishment to not publicly deal with situations, isn’t it ironic that you did just that by correcting me publicly – on my blog; where most my readers don’t personally know me and would have no idea what the details of the situation are. Which is why I specifically say I can’t discuss it. However, your first time encountering my blog you made an assumption that I was speaking about my family without me referencing the situation involves them. Curious, how did you come to that conclusion?


  5. I’m not sure what you are referring to. What does me being a parent have to do with my blog. Actually, read my post again. Other the mentioning errands with my daughters and asking for prayers, I don’t mention my family, so what does me being a parent have to do with anything. Why does sharing what I wrote make me an immature parent? Do I even know you? Why are you reading my stuff? Are you stalking me? I’m sure if I poll my post against your comment, it’s not my post that would be voted as that is immature. Actually, this comment is designed to manipulate me into deleting my post. Why would a stranger be so bothered by me applying the scriptures to my own life?

    I pray that as you read this the Holy Spirit enlighten yourself heart and mind to the truth of who God really is.


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