Joy’s Dad Withholds Cancer Treatment


John & Jenny Marx have been married for 16 years, not void of some turbulence caused by getting married at a young age. They have 3 beautiful kids. Megan 15, Joy 13, and Alex 8.

Joy has been getting sick on and off for a few months and although the doctors didn’t seem worried, Jenny knew that something just wasn’t right. One night when Joy had yet another fever, John & Jenny rushed her to the ER. They were there for hours. Probing and prodding their beautiful little girl for hours as they conducted test after test.

They felt a sense of relief when the doctor came in and finally said they knew what was causing the frequent fevers, but the news they were about to hear would quickly turn from relief to a deep sadness. Joy has leukemia. In this case, however, there is a quick cure that they have found through research. One that didn’t require chemotherapy or radiation and wouldn’t cause the hair loss and pain associated with cancer treatments.

Actually, it’s John that possesses his daughter’s cure. As the father, his blood has special components that will purify her blood and eliminate the cancer all together. What amazing news, right?

Jenny turns to John and says with tears running down her cheeks “Honey, isn’t this great news?!! Let’s take you down to the laboratory so they can draw your blood and get this process started so Joy we can go home.”

John, who has tears as well, looks at her and doesn’t respond immediately, but it’s visible he’s thinking. Jenny starts getting anxious and worried saying “Honey, please. Let’s go now. I just want this all behind us.” John loves Jenny, Joy, and all his kids unconditionally and would do anything for them. Lately, however, Joy has been behaving very rebellious and her dad is wondering if it’s best to let this sit for a while so that she can learn and change her behavior. Jenny starts getting very frustrated, not understanding why John isn’t responding to her. Is he in shock, she wonders? “John, snap out of it. I need you. Now more than ever. Joy needs you. You can help her. You’re the only one!”

John turns his head towards his wife and says “Babe, I don’t want to give Joy my blood. I know what’s best for her and I think it would do her some good to go through this a while longer so that she can gain some perspective and really value things in her life. She takes me for granted and by letting her suffer through this will hopefully get her to truly be obedient.”

Jenny calms down now and understands. “Oh. Ok John. That makes sense. I mean, I love you. You are her dad and know what’s best for her. We will just wait until you think it’s the right time to get her your blood so she can be healed. In the meantime though, we will continue to believe that you love us all, especially Joy because we know that you know what’s best and if going through this is how you will teach her, then we will wait, “Jenny says.

Jenny turns to Joy and explains that her dad knows best and he doesn’t think it’s the best thing for her to be healed yet but she will continue to keep asking her dad in hopes that one day he wills her healing because it’ll be the perfect time. “Joy, I’ll keep asking your dad, but just know that you can ask him yourself as well. Just remember though. Be patient. And don’t ever forget that your dad loves you so much.” Jenny tells Joy

Do you think John is a good dad who loves his daughter? How about Jenny? What are your thoughts of her as Mom?

This story is to illustrate how many think of God. My God is not cruel. He doesn’t deserve to be thought of as the kind of dad that would purposely cause his children to suffer to teach a lesson or get them to draw closer to Him. Some would even call what John did abuse. My Father is not an abusive Father. He’s a good Father. The best there is. A perfect Father.

May this story get you to think…ponder. How good or not so good do you really think God is?

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