Proverbs 21: Life

I know that I haven’t written a Proverbs devotional since Tuesday. I also haven’t read Prverbs since Tuesday. However, I can say that I’ve meditated on the scriptures I’ve shared in the devotionals, as well as quote them often. Reading, writing, and meditating on Proverbs has truly been a key for me. I no longer read the Bible just because it’s the right thing for a Christian to do. The scriptures are an insight into the heart of the Father. They tell me about who He is, His heart towards humanity, His Children, and me individually.

Living in a world where sin and death reign can sometimes be overwhelming. There are no words to describe the gratitude and love I have for Jesus that He loved us first and gave us the ability to be covered by His grace and love. So, while sin and death may reign over the world, I am under the shadow of His love. Oh, what an amazing reality!

I’d much rather be under the umbrella of what Jesus has to offer than the world. So many struggle with sin, but when you come to the realization of how magnificent it is to be under the reign of Jesus, the struggle ceases. It doesn’t mean that life will always be sunshine, unicorn, and rainbows, but it does mean that we have joy, hope, peace, and love every moment – in every situation. I can’t explain how that’s possible, but I know it’s true because Jesus said it was possible. I also can’t say that I’m quite there, but I can say that I’m on my road to experiencing that all the time. With what I’ve been facing lately, I have to admit that there are days it’s been hard, but all I have to do is place my eyes on Jesus and I am filled with hope.

That is a great lead-in to today’s scriptures. While I was reading, again I was reminded of many truths of living a righteous life, as well as the consequences of what happens when one chooses to align with evil. I desired, however, to read today’s chapter from the perspective of “what do I, personally, need to work on or what do I need to do to improve my walk with God?”

S- Scripture

The lovers of God who chase after righteousness will find all their dreams come true: an abundant life drenched with favor and a found that overflows with satisfaction. A warrior filled with wisdom ascends into the high place and releases regional breakthrough, bringing down the strongholds of the mighty.

Proverbs 21:21-22 (TPT)

He who pursues righteousness and loyalty find life, righteousness, and honor. A wise man scales the city of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.

Proverbs 21:21-22 (NASB)

O- Observation

While I absolutely love the Passional Translation because it brought the verse alive to me, I noticed how it’s a bit different from a more traditional version, like NASB. So, I looked up the verse in the Amplified version to see what it says and I liked it so I thought I’d share.

He who earnestly sees after and craves righteousness, mercy, and loving-kindness will find life in addition to righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God) and honor.

Verse 22 is pretty similar to NASB. I have found that oftentimes I think of life, as just what we know the word to mean…life – opposite of death. In the scriptures, we also often look at life as the “eternal” kind of life where, Jesus said we would have life – not death. But, in today’s world I think that we may be underestimating what a verse (21) like this is trying to say. It is the passion translation, as well as the amplified version, that is bringing me to understand what Jesus bringing life may actually mean.

Life is not just the opposite of death. It’s not just mere existence, but it is directly tied to abundance. TPT puts it so beautifully.

an abundant life drenched with favor and a found that overflows with satisfaction.

So, that’s what I leave myself and you with today. The thought that the word life means more than just our existence. It’s richer, deeper, more meaningful than existence. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the LIFE.” Have we been underestimating and downplaying what life really is?

A- Application

Study the word life in the scriptures and discover what the Holy Spirit is revealing about what life really is. Jesus is life and it must be more than just existence because Jesus is fullness!

Life is a gift. It is not a curse. How often do we treat life like it’s a curse and something we must endure. What would happen if we start to treat life as the gift it is? Let’s find out.

P- Prayer

Holy Spirit, how I love your deep revelation, especially in the simple things – like a basic word such as “life”. I have been on a pursuit to live the abundance life filled with joy, peace, and love that Jesus promised, but I don’t think I truly have been understanding what I’ve been pursuing. The fullness of what you desire for us, for me, is so much more than I can even fathom. Thank you for the peeling back of the layers that allow me to understand a bit more of my Father’s heart.

You are so rich. So full of…everything that is pure and good. In a moment when I was simply doing what I committed to do you revealed to me something so deep that I have this feeling I’ll be discovering and diving into this revelation for months to come.

Jesus, I thank you for your life. Existing before the foundations of the world and being a part of the God-head, you chose to meet us where we were at. Not only did you meet us. You became on of us. That love is just so deep that it truly blows my mind. Just in becoming one of us you gave your life for us. Even if you had not been crucified or murdered, it would have been considered you giving your life for us. You humbled yourself to come down to Earth to live a human life, just as us…why? Because of love! Truly truly amazing. Your death tore the veil and brought us reconciliation to the Father. Your life has given us life. You gave your life as an offering so that we could be reconciled and made whole. Your life gives us life. It’s got to be more than just a mere existence. May Your spirit lead me into the truth of what life really is. I’m excited to learn, to grow, and to LIVE.

I love you more than I love my own life. You are my everything. You are my hope! Thank you for giving us Your Spirit. It is Your Spirit that has sustained and comforted me. May Your Spirit speak and reveal to each person who reads this the revelation of Your life in us; what life is really all about. May we learn and grown together in this revelation. In Your beautiful and amazing Name. Amen.

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  1. Wow! That verse is powerful. Love TPT version ❤🔥👑


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