Live Love Devo 6: Reconciliation

As I watch episodes of the television series “Chosen”, the word reconciliation keeps coming to my mind, my heart.

When Eve ate of the fruit and sin entered the world, there was an instant consequence to humanity. Shame. Immediately after eating the fruit Adam & Eve were filled with shame of being naked. I’ve been studying the story of creation for almost a year and I still don’t understand why shame of nakedness happened. No one told them it was wrong to be naked, nor is it a sin to be naked in front of your spouse, yet they hid in shame and created a covering.

They hid in shame from one another, but they also hid from God. God, their Creator and Father, had not admonished or disciplined them, yet they hid. When God came looking for them, Adam tells God that he heard Him walking through the garden and was afraid because he was naked.

We all know what came after that – we feel the consequences until today. But, on a personal level, God still cared from them after that. He made them clothes. He didn’t tell them to stay naked and figure it out for themselves. He made them clothes and showed them how to make it. Now that’s a good Father.

Ever since then, God pursued man with the desire to have relationship. That’s why He created and designed man; for relationship. Years and years of making covenants with people, but nothing seemed to stick. There was a constant back and forth between God and man.

God, however, was not worried because He had a permanent plan in place from the foundation of the world. His name is Jesus. Jesus, the manifestation of God’s love, came to Earth to demonstrate to us what God was really like.

In John 15:13 Jesus says that the greatest demonstration of love is someone who gives His life for another. Jesus demonstrated that great love by giving His life. While those who don’t know Jesus may say that His life was taken, those who know the truth know that Jesus gave His life.

He gave His life so that we could be reconciled to the Father, which basically means that He restored our relationship with God – once and for all. The Lamb of God sacrificed Himself and the veil was torn, providing us direct access to the Father. We have been reconciled. Nothing stands between us and God.

Verse of the Day

For if while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.

Romans 5:10 (NASB)

Prayer of the Day

Father, we thank you for your great love that was demonstrated when Jesus gave His life on the cross reconciling is to You. May enter before you humbly and boldly knowing that you desire a relationship with me. Sin and shame cannot come between us any longer. I am drawing closer to you. Show me more of Your beautiful transforming love.

Song of the Day

Live Love Devotional

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