Proverbs 28: Love > Fear

Fear is an enemy. Fear is a liar. Fear is like the wizard from Wizard of Oz. He’s tiny, little, with a squeaky voice, but presents himself has a big, scary, mystical monster. That monster is just a perception. It’s not real. When I realized this about fear, it changed everything.

3.5 years ago I was delivered from the spirit of fear. It was rooted deep within me impacting every area of my life. Even simple things were being done in fear. Decisions weren’t being made because it’s what I really wanted. My decisions were being dictated by fear.

Now when I see fear rear it’s ugly self in a way that makes it look bigger than it really is, I can’t help but laugh. I know who God really is. My Father is big. Jesus is King. Fear is an ant compared to my Father. Yet somehow, fear’s biggest tactic is to overwhelm and wear down in hope that it brings us to places where we “feel” small. It’s in those moments that it’s crucial we have a relationship with Jesus. It’s critical we keep our eyes on Him. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He is the Lion of Judah. He is the one who holds the keys to sin and death. I repeat, Jesus is King.

In Proverbs 28:1 it reads:

Guilty criminals experience paranoia even though no one threatens them. But the innocent lovers of God, because of righteousness, will have the boldness of a young, ferocious lion!

In the NASB translation it reads:

The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, But the righteous are bold as a lion.

When we are authentic with God, allow the Holy Spirit to search our hearts, and pursue righteousness, it emboldens us to live out loud. Fear doesn’t stand a chance with someone who is real, raw, honest, vulnerable, pursues righteousness, and has a relationship with Jesus.


Because perfect love, His love, God’s love, casts out fear.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involved punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.

1 John 4:18 (NASB)

Fear tries to intimidate. It attempts to lie about punishment, especially related to outcomes. Fear is a bondage. It’s a prison without a lock. When we align with fear, it’s as if we walk right into a prison cell ourselves and close the door because we think it’s safer.

But today, we say no more. Today we wrap ourselves in the love of the Father where fear has no sting.

If you have noticed that there have been decisions and actions you have taken out of fear, Jesus wants you to know that He desires you live in freedom. His heart and His love long to embrace your entire being so that you can walk out of that prison and experience what true safety and security feels like. In the warmth of His embrace you will clearly be able to see the truth and confidence will begin to grow because the glory of Jesus will shine and push away darkness.


  • Posture your heart towards Jesus and create an atmosphere of worship.

I like to listen to soaking/instrumental music when I read the Bible in devotion. If you have the ability to, I’d recommend turning on some soft instrumental music. If you don’t know exactly what to listen to and would like recommendations, feel free to leave a comment and I can send you examples of what I listen to. Reading the Bible with a posture of worship joins the Word and the Spirit…that’s the secret sauce. That’s where the power of His word is. If you are someone who finds it distracting, that’s ok. In these moments, just create an atmosphere of worship. Music is not needed. It’s a heart posture.

  • Open your Bible to 1 John 4:7-21 (Don’t read it just yet)
  • Direct your heart towards Jesus. Surrender your heart to the Father. If it helps you focus, close your eyes. Pray and ask that God reveal His love that drives out fear and tears down any lies (strongholds) that fear has caused you to believe. Ask that God reveal the truth regarding that lie. You can either pray what I led you to or pray on your own with your own words. The key is to posture your heart before God and allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart.
  • Once you’ve taken the time to pray and posture your heart, read 1 John 4:7-21. Read it slowly ensuring that you are truly grasping the scripture and allowing that truth to drop into your heart.

May you experience the beauty of His love.




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