Proverbs 25: Gift

Today’s chapter is rich with wisdom.

I just realized that we are 25 chapters in, but we’ve never discussed what a proverb is. Actually, now that I think of it, in all my 38 years of life I have never heard anyone in church actually define or explain the word proverb.

Maybe it’s not necessary to you because it is a very simple term, but I find it important to take the time to express in words what something is. It will help ensure that we are all in the same lane or at least on the same track. (Think of a running track when you read this sentence).

A proverb is a brief, simple phrase that gives advice and effectively embodies a commonplace truth based on practical experience or common sense. A proverb may have an allegorical message behind its odd appearance.

What does allegorical mean? An allegory is a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning.

These 2 definitions are important when reading Biblical books, especially books like Proverbs. It’s the primary reason why in the book of Proverbs, you can pull out one or a couple of verses without losing context. Proverbs is made up of many “one-liners”.

While the Holy Spirit provided me with guidance for my personal life in today’s chapter, as well as words of healing and correction, they are a bit too personal to post in this public forum, so I’m going to share the verse that will be applicable to all. It’s a very common verse that is heard in many prophetic teachings, but as I looked into the definitions I shared above, I can see the beauty in how God speaks.

S- Scripture

God conceals the revelation of his word in the hiding place of his glory. But the honor of kings is reveals by how they thoroughly search out the deeper meaning of all that God says.

Proverbs 25:2 (TPT)

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kinds to search out a matter.

Proverbs 25:2 (NASB)

O- Observation

While I’m more familiar with the NASB version, I recognized verse 2 immediately. Once again TPT brings this verse to life by offering a more pictorial view of what this proverb is trying to say.

Interestingly, it also is inline with the definition of allegory. I’ve been learning and diving into Jesus’ teachings. Jesus taught primarily in parables (stories) because the wisdom carried within the stories were for those who were with Jesus. Today, for us, the mysteries of the Kingdom are for those who are in Christ Jesus. Those who know Him will have the privilege of intimately knowing the mysteries of God’s Kingdom. (Mark 4:11)

In the words of Brian Guerin,

If you aren’t hungry, you’ll miss it.

It’s not enough to receive a gift from someone. We must go through the effort of unwrapping the gift, look to see what’s inside, and enjoy it. Simply receiving it and putting it away does not satisfy the desire of the gifter. The gift was given so that you would enjoy, partake, and use what’s inside. Opening the gift and using what’s inside is completely up to us; it’s our responsibility. The gifter’s joy is when they see the recipient enjoying and/or making use of the contents of the gift. The same is true for our Father. When He gives us a gift, it is His joy to see us unwrap and fully enjoy and use what’s inside. (James 1:7, Matthew 25:14-30)

A- Application

I must, not only, better steward the gifts of Jesus, but pursue what God is saying through them more intently. I used to be better about this, but with so much going on I haven’t taken the time I should to write things down and seek them out.

I’ve been having nights filled with dreams. To me, they are gifts. Whether a dream healing the wounds in my heart and soul, or a dream leading me to pray and release God’s heart into a situation, or a dream to reveal what’s to come to prepare, they are gifts from God. It’s His word in picture form and it’s my job to search it out and uncover what the Lord is saying so that I can fulfill His purposes.

P- Prayer

Father, I repent for the times I took for granted the gifts you gave me. They have become such a normal occurrence in the last 3 years and I guess over the last year or so I have taken for granted the gifts you have given me. I want to always appreciate the “normal” you give me in my life because I know it’s not normal for all. There was a time it wasn’t normal for me, but this new normal has allowed me to live a life filled with love, joy, peace, and abundance.

I don’t want to take your Words for granted. I don’t want to take You speaking to me for granted. I want to savor each Word and dive into the deepest depths of Your Words because it’s in Your Words that there is life. It’s Your Word that release the River of Living Water that brings healing, life, and wholeness to all that are touched by it.

May we all perceive Your voice. You speak in so many different ways and many times you don’t even use words…well, not as we know words. May that revelation come upon us all and may we be aware of your voice in all it’s forms. In the powerful and glorious name of Jesus! Amen!


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