Proverbs 12: Truth

Today is one of those days I need to be in multiple places at one time. Thankfully my family is not only supportive, but helpful. While I’m going to be out working with one ministry, they will be working to prepare for another ministry we have later today.

Waking up early was important to me. I went to sleep really late, especially for me, but I couldn’t stay in bed after my alarm went off. I stayed in bed a little after my alarm went off because it was dark and cold, but the entire time I laid there all I could do was think about getting up and spending time with Holy Spirit. What treasure would I find in His Word today?

Proverbs12 like many chapters in this book covers a few different topics, but I see 3 themes throughout the chapter.

  • Being a hard worker
  • Truth

Before I share the scriptures that stood out to me today, I want to discuss the verse that starts out this chapter because it’s a way of life for me. Being teachable is a lifestyle for me and my husband. Not only do we intentionally seek to learn, we teach our kids the wisdom of being teachable, as well as emphasize it with those we work ministry with at Jesus House. We value truth over being right. We both lived our entire lives being indoctrinated and living in a culture where being right was extremely important. Today we realize that oftentimes the desire to be right keeps us from discovering truth.

To learn the truth you must long to be teachable or you can despise correction and remain ignorant.

Proverbs 12:1

Today let’s talk about truth. It’s spoken of over and over again in this chapter. At times directly with the actual word, truth. But, there are times it’s spoken of in subtle ways, such as in the verse

The wicked will get trapped by their words of gossip, slander, and lies, but for the righteous, honest is its own defense.

Proverbs 12:13

So, let me share the set of verses I’m focusing on today.

S- Scripture

Truthful words will stand the test of time, but one day every lie will be seen for what it is.

Deception fills the hears of those who plot harm, but those who plan for peace are filled with joy.

Calamity is not allowed to overwhelm the righteous, but there’s nothing but trouble waiting for the wicked.

Live in truth and keep your promises, and the Lord will keep delighting in you, but he detests a liar.

Probers 12:19-22 (TPT)

O- Observation

There was a situation in my life a few years ago where I have to say that I didn’t see this truth about truth. It wasn’t reality; at least not in the moment. The lies were so overwhelming and appeared to be “winning” that it caused me, for the first time ever in my life, to doubt that God even existed. I remember being on the phone with my mother, screaming “maybe God doesn’t exist because all I see is evil winning,” and throwing the phone across the room.

Those words pierced my entire being as I spoke them. If they were painful to me, I’m sure they were painful to my mom. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve never been able to even imagine that God didn’t exist. To me, He’s so obviously real. He’s as real as I am.

However, I found myself in a circumstance that was being dragged out because of lies from someone who is a master manipulator. Not only was the person a natural manipulator, but they were trained by the Army in psychological warfare. I personally experienced the damage of psychological abuse, but I was witnessing it’s power over people that were critical in securing justice on my behalf. My mother would always encourage me, but after seeing the lies, darkness, and evil winning over and over again, encouragement wasn’t even working anymore. My reality was not good overcomes evil.

BUT, eventually the lies couldn’t be sustained. The façade came crumbling down and the truth flashed in neon lights. It was only a glimpse; only for a moment, but it was noticed. Suddenly, I felt a little hope.

The morning my life changed, everything changed. It’s hard to explain and it’s a teaching all on it’s own, but even though the circumstances didn’t change, I changed. The change in me wound up bring the change to my circumstance. Long story short, one day in passionate prayer I declared that truth prevail and evil be defeated AND it did. Not only did the lies run, they didn’t even show up to interfere with the truth. It’s a little funny, actually, but when it was all over I remember thinking “If I had just turned to Jesus from the beginning maybe the time it took to resolve all this could have been shortened.” Nonetheless, it was an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness and how

Truth triumphs over lies. Light overcomes darkness. Good defeats evil. EVERY TIME!!!!

I’ll be honest. There are times it takes time. I wish it weren’t that way. I wish we could see the defeat instantly upon our declaration. Sometimes we do, but sometimes we don’t. It doesn’t change the truth though.


When Jesus is King and Lord of our lives, He has the liberty to freely reign over every person and situation related to us. There is no evil that can run from His judgement and ruling. There is no lie that will stand. His light penetrates into the darkest of places and situations.

I don’t just believe that truth prevails. I know it! It’s a definite. It’s not possible that lies will last. As we read in verse 19, truth will stand the test of time. Trust in Him. Know that He is for you. Don’t worry about what others think. Live your live to please your Heavenly Father. Stand firm on His truth. Live in truth and righteousness. When we do, we will experience what we read in verse 20-22.

We will walk in truth, plan for peace, live with joy, please the Lord, and harm will not befall us.

A- Application

TRUST! I must trust the Father. I must trust that He is who He says He is. I must trust in His words – His promises.

When darkness appears overwhelming, like it’s stronger than light, I must remember that it is light that extinguishes darkness. Every time. Even in the natural that is the truth.

Going through the wilderness, through times where darkness is heavy, is an opportunity for me to live out what I believe and know to be true. I must stand firm on the truth. I must trust it know that my Father hates a liar (verse 22) and He will move to bring forth what He loves.

P- Prayer

Father, thank you! Thank you for always standing for what is right. Thank you for allowing Jesus to come to Earth and reveal His Kingdom. Thank you for the many victories in my life that have led me to have the confidence I have today that truth prevails, darkness overcomes, and goodness reigns. I stand on that truth and desire that all those I encounter may have the same confidence, if not by their own testimony, then by the testimony of my life.

I pray that you move in the favor of all those being persecuted by lies and darkness. I pray that truth and light demolishes every hint of evil. That every plot of the evil may be completely demolished and that Your name be glorified in the victory of goodness.

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