Proverbs 8: His Truth

While you may be reading this on Tuesday (or after), I am sitting here on a Saturday morning. While I have spent most of my mornings at the desk in my living room, today I sit in my office. Everyone is asleep and daylight is just now breaking through. The one day I could have slept in I was awakened with no alarm. The nudge of the Holy Spirit awoke me. There was a desperation in my soul to meet with my Father.

I snuck out of my bedroom, made myself some coffee, and came down to my office. The lights are off and I read with the illumination from my computer monitors (I have 2 in addition to my laptop). My diffuser is running with the scent of lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus. I put in my airpods, opened spotify, and blasted soaking music.

Before I read Proverbs 8, I spent some time talking/praying to the Holy Spirit. My prayer was that He would give me wisdom in a situation that we are facing and that in the midst of it all that we may have peace; peace that surpasses understanding. At one point, I didn’t know what to pray; so I asked Holy Spirit to pray for me. Usually I’d expect that I would pray in the spirit, but Holy Spirit brought me to a place where I was with the Trinity. God in all His forms.

I had a conversation with my Father. I cried. I had a conversation with Jesus. I cried. Oh, how the embrace of Jesus makes everything better. His eyes are filled with such peace and authority…and love. I kinda did all the talking. I poured out my heart because I was with the one person who can truly protect me from the plots of evil. He is my rock, my safe place, my harbor. But, I didn’t hear one thing. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Eventually set two of my Bibles in front of me (TPT & NASB). I read through the entire chapter in both versions out loud. My headphones are still blasting soaking music so I could barely hear my voice – my voice had that distant sound.

In this chapter, Wisdom speaks directly to the sons (and daughters) of God and by the end of the chapter it’s very clear that Wisdom is Jesus. Didn’t I write about that in one of my blogs; how the Bible defines wisdom as Jesus! So awesome.

The entire chapter was a direct answer to my prayer…to my ask of my Father. It’s hard to just pick out a verse because today, to me, the entire chapter is relevant. Since for the devotional method I’ve chosen to use I need to pick one (or set), I found a set that specifically addresses a need I have, and describes an aspect of the nature of God.


The meaning of my words will release within you revelation for you to reign in life. My lyrics will empower you to live by what is right. For everything I say is unquestionably true, and I refuse to endure the lies of lawlessness – my words will never lead you astray. All the declarations of my mouth can be trusted; they contain no twisted logic or perversion of the truth.

Proverbs 8:6-8 (TPT)

Let me share this in NASB as well.

Listen, for I will speak noble things; And the opening of my lips will reveal right things. For my mouth will utter truth; And wickedness is an abomination to my lips. All the utterances of my mouth are in righteousness; There is nothing crooked or perverted in them.

Proverbs 8:6-8 (NASB)

O – Observation

While I can’t share the details of the situation I am in, suffice it to say that it involves lies. And, not just a small little lie. They are lies that have significant consequences. We are in a situation that we cannot come against the lies head on, nor can we defend ourselves at this point. The countless evidence we have to prove the truth and dismantle the lies seem pointless as it appears that one can make accusations and it is only their story that is considered. I have been witness “guilty until proven innocent” at such a high degree – so high that we have yet to even have an opportunity to prove ourselves innocent. It almost seems like the only road to take is to give up and allow the lies be set in as truth.

BUT, I refuse. Truth is truth and lies are lies. While currently we are in a part of the process that doesn’t allow us to defend ourselves, the time will come where it will. Until then, what do we do? Rest, trust, and keep going.

The night the enemy made his “move” know, I remember feeling oddly encouraged. I believe I’ve mentioned this in previous posts. I looked at what was before me and thought “wow, if the enemy is willing to throw the kitchen sink at us, then we must be doing something right.” Weird right? I mean, the world around me was crumbling – think apocalypse type scene with me in the middle, in complete peace, witness the world around me in the midst of destruction, yet I was still and in complete understanding of what was happening. I could see clearly.

Now, this whole situation sucks and it hearts like hell. I’m not going to lie. These are all things I’ve told my Father. It’s not fair and it hurts, a lot. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut. Sometimes I feel literal pain in my heart. Sometimes I want to burst out crying because I feel my soul crying. But I can’t.

I have these moments, like this morning, where I let it out. I talk to my Father, the judge. But then, I get up, wipe my eyes dry, and keep marching. I’m on a journey y’all. I’m on this hike and I have a mountain to climb.

This journey may not be easy – actually, it’s really hard. But, it’s not void of all the things promised to us by Jesus. Joy, peace, abundance, and love. There are times we have a party on the side of the road. Holy Spirit celebrates with us and injects us with energy and hope. Father God has provided us with amazing people who are on this journey with us.

I picked the set of verses above for one reason. In verse 6 of the passion translation it talks about how if we follow Wisdom we will reign in life. This is not the only time Proverbs mentions this, but today, I needed to be reminded of this.

Jesus, while on this Earth, told us that we would have an abundant life. He also said that we would have peace that surpasses understanding, and unspeakable joy. Yes, He said we would have tribulations and be persecuted. He never promised that the world around up would be peaceful, but He said we would have peace that SURPASSSES understanding, which means that there would be a need for the peace to surpass something. I want that. I want all of it. I want to reign in life. Jesus said we would; therefore, it’s possible!!!! And, I don’t need easy. I just need possible.

Faith! Yesterday, I feel like I got kicked in the gut and the enemy yelled “where has your faith gotten you.” Oh, how my spirit cried.

My faith has gotten me to be one with the King. To know my Father intimately. To not be distanced from Perfect love because of fear or shame. I can unashamedly go to my Father and take my rightful place as the daughter of the Creator and the lover of King Jesus. In that place I have authority because I am seated in Heavenly places. Everything I ask will be given to me. Jesus gave me all authority in His name.

So, I TRUST HIM ONLY. I don’t only believe He will come through. I know He will. I may have no idea what in the world is happening at the moment, but I will keep coming here – to a place where I sit with Him…rest, and trust. Live my life filled with peace, joy, abundance, and love – know that He will take care of the works of the enemy.

JESUS IS KING! He wins. Every time. He is the life, the way, and the truth. He is the truth. He only utters words of truth and they are very clearly (as we see in the scriptures above). He will shine the light on truth. There is always confusion in lies and wickedness. There aren’t facts. There isn’t evidence. Evil doesn’t make sense. It’s foggy at best. Those who walk in it’s path constantly stumble and have no idea why. But those who walk the path of Wisdom will never stumble. That’s what we read the other day! May we stand on that.

A – Application

I will speak truth only. I will rest in Truth. I will continue on the path of righteousness because that is where truth resides.

P – Prayer

Father, may I rest in the fact that you speak and move only in truth. Your truth is clear. It’s illuminated. I declare that the lies and plans of evil that are set and those being set to ensnarl us be dismantled and destroyed. Darkness has been trying to frustrate your plans and purposes in our lives, but Jesus is King. May you judge evil. I’m not asking for judgement on people. I’m asking for judgement on evil, lies, and darkness.

I may not see it with my natural eyes, but I believe that you are at work because you are righteous and love justice. I stand in your light and ask that you search my heart. Correct and clean out anything that does not ref elect who You are and empower me to walk in the way of truth, no matter what.

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