Proverbs 5: His Voice

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve read Proverbs 5 in different translations.  Boy, talk about a chapter filled with correction.  There are many verses that stand out in terms of steering me in the right direction.  As I’ve meditated on this chapter, I’ve been asking the Lord which one I should focus on because I feel that I am aware of all the pitfalls mentioned in Proverbs 5, but I’m committed to applying a scripture from each chapter to focus on AND there’s always something the Holy Spirit can teach me so that I can continue walking down the path of righteousness.

The verses that kept popping out at me were not ones that I would normally write about or focus on, but for some reason, I’m supposed to.  He knows my heart, mind, soul, and spirit way better than I do.  He has way more insight into all of humanity and what is happening in the lives of all those around us that would impact my life, so for some reason, I am to meditate and apply these scriptures.

S – Scripture

My son, give attention to my wisdom, incline your ear to my understanding; that you may observe discretion and your lips may reserve knowledge.  For the lips of an adulteress drop honey and smoother than oil is her speech; B in the end she is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.  Her feet go down to death, her steps take hold of Sheol.  She does not ponder the path of life; her ways are unstable, she does  not know it. Proverbs 5:1-6 (NASB)

Listen to me, my son, for I know what I’m talking about.  Listen carefully to my advice so that wisdom and discernment will enter your heart, and then the works you speak will express what you’ve learned.  Remember this: The lips of a seductress seem sweet like honey, and her smooth words are like music in your ears.  But I promise you this: In the end all you’ll be left with is a bitter conscience.  For the sting of your sin will pierce your soul like a sword.  She will ruin your life, drag you down to death, and lead you straight to hell.  She has prevented many from considering the paths of life.  Yes, she will take you with her where you don’t want to go, sliding down a slippery road and not even realizing where the two of you will end up! (TPT)

O – Observation

Many use these verses specifically to talk about a marriage relationship and the danger of adultery, which, yes, is accurate to use.  These passages, and many like it in Proverbs, speaks about the destruction that comes from falling into the hands of an adulterous woman (and man).  However, today, this passage leaped out at me in a more broader sense than just the context of a marriage relationship.

You see, we are in a marriage relationship with Jesus.  When Jesus is our Lord and the Holy Spirit dwells in us, we become one with Jesus.  He is in us and we are in Him.  When we are referred to as the bride of Christ, it’s not in the context of a future marriage, but an already existing one. (This is a teaching for another day)

Within that context, there are those that want to cause our eyes to drift away from Jesus.  There are those with words so sweet, words so poetic, that it causes us to be in “awe” of the things they speak.  We are drawn to such beautiful sweet words because they really do sound like music to our ears.  The question is, do these words bring transformation?  Do they bring me into a desire to draw me closer to Jesus or to be drawn to the person speaking those words?  Does it draw me into a place where I want the Holy Spirit to take me further into the Truth or does it draw me to a place where I’m following a man/woman?  Does their message bring me into a place where I know who I am in Christ or does it leave me wondering if I’m good enough?  Do the public words of the messenger match their private words?

There are so many messages out there about “not being deceived” and that’s why for me to meditate on this verse is not something I would normally do.  The reason is that the fear of being deceived is just that – it’s fear! And fear does not come from God.  Jesus said that the sheep would know His voice, and by knowing His voice, they would recognize when it’s the voice of a stranger.  So, that’s what I want to leave here for myself – and for you, the reader.  If there is a fear of being deceived, a fear of being led astray, a fear of being led the wrong way, a fear of being possessed/demonized, a fear of not being good enough, a fear of not measuring up, STOP!!!

Look to Jesus and take a moment to hear what He is saying.

DO NOT give heed to the fear – to the lies.  Listen to Jesus and declare it; out loud if possible!  Sometimes it’s more about you hearing it than the enemy or the lie.  Sometimes we need to hear it, so that it can enter us.

Jesus will never deceive me.  Holy Spirit will never deceive me.  For the purposes of this blog, this goes for you too.  Jesus will never deceive you.  Holy Spirit will never deceive you.  If you ask God for bread, will He give you a rock?  Of course not.  If you ask Jesus to show you the truth, He will not give you a lie.  So look to Him.  Trust in Him. There’s so much I’d need to elaborate on these statements, but this is not the forum. If you have questions, you can always ask.

A – Application

DO NOT give heed to the fear – to the lies.  Listen to Jesus and declare it.  Out loud if possible!  Sometimes it’s more about you hearing it than the enemy or the lie.  Sometimes we need to hear it, so that it can enter us.  

When I notice that lies are filling my heart and mind, I will write out the truth (verses or prophetic words) that come against those lies and place it somewhere I can see it often.  

Hint:  I currently am doing this.  I have scripture as my wallpaper to remind myself of a promise God has given me – given us.  It’s Psalm 27.

P – Prayer

Jesus, I have experienced you many times over the last 3.5 years.  I’m confident that I know your voice because I’ve listened to you so often.  May I rest in that.  May I rest in my relationship with you.  I’ve been delivered of fear, but at times it knocks on my door, incessantly.  However, when I gaze at you, those knocks seem to fade away and disappear; the fear they bring no longer seems to be a thought in my mind.  I intentionally turn my eyes to you.  My gaze is on you.  The peace your eyes bring overwhelm me.  My soul longs for you.  All of me longs for more of you.  It’s so easy to allow the words and ways of man cause my eyes to drift, but align my eyes with Yours now.  I align my heart with Yours.  I align my mind with Yours….and suddenly nothing else matters.  The struggles pale in comparison to you…they actually make me laugh…you are victorious.  You are King!

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