Proverbs 4: Highway of Light

It was really hard to get up this morning. I made a commitment with myself that I would get up earlier than normal so that I can spend some special time with God when I do my Proverbs devotionals. I live in northern Florida so the weather right now is a little loopy. I left the HVAC unit set to cool and this morning it was freezing. I stayed in bed a little longer than I wanted, but here I am.

I read chapter 4 yesterday, as well as this morning. I like to dwell on scripture; meditate on it. Let it soak in. As I read chapter 4 again this morning my spirit leapt. This chapter is filled with encouragement for those who seek and follow wisdom’s advice. There are promises that give me so much assurance to just keep going and trust God.

I have 3 sets of verses that stood out to me so deeply that I circled the whole thing in my Bible. I wills hare them in The Passion Translation (TPT).

S- Scripture

My son, if you will take the time to stop and listen to me and embrace what I say, you will live a long and happy life full of understanding in every way. I have taken you by the hand in wisdom’s ways, pointing you to the path of integrity. Your progress will have no limits when you come along with me, and you will never stumble as you walk along the way.

Proverbs 4:10-12

But the lovers of God walk on the highway of light, and their way shines brighter and brighter until they bring forth the perfect day. But the wicked walk in this darkness like those who travel in fog and yet don’t have a clue why they are stumbling.

Probers 4:18-19

Set your gaze on the path before you. With fixed purpose, looking straight ahead, ignore life’s distractions. Watch where you’re going! Stick to the path of truth and the road will be safe and smooth before you. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked for even a moment or take the detour that leads to darkness.

Proverbs 4:25-27


As I was typing out the passages, I felt to really focus on the last one, verses 25-27. I have to admit that while many would say that we have stayed the course independent of all the things that the enemy has thrown at us over the last 6 months, it has not been easy. Don’t get me wrong, we have stayed the course, but speaking for myself (not including my husband in this), I took some breaks.

It’s been quite a long journey recently. I have this backpack that Jesus gave me before the journey started. One day I was in a dream/vision and Jesus handed me a backpack and set me on a hike. He told me that He would always be with me. That the journey would be long and exhausting, but that I would have rest and joy in the night seasons.

It is that moment that has carried me through these last 6 months. Never would I have imagined what would transpire, but knowing that Jesus not only prepared me, but felt I was prepared, has been what I’ve needed to stay on the path.

Although I’ve never veered off the path, I have taken times where I sat beside the road and taken a break; weary and exhausted from it all. Holy Spirit has kept me refreshed and deeply satisfied throughout this journey. That is why I refuse to stray or completely give up. I know that He is with me.

Verses 25-27 speak specifically to that. Wisdom is reminding me to get my eyes fixed ahead; fixed on the purpose Jesus set before me. In the footnote of verse 25, it says that the phrase “ignore life’s distractions” is not in the original, but is implied by the context. The distractions from the purposes of God for our lives have been – wow, intense. They be blatant attacks from the enemy, but the enemy only does what he does to distract us from our purpose.

“If you will take the time to stop and listen to me and embrace what I say, you will live a long and happy life full of understanding ine every way… Your progress will have no limits…you will never stumble as you walk along your way…But as a lover of God, walk on the highway of light and their way shines brither and brighter until they bring forth the perfect day.”

Those are the purposes Father God has for His children and the enemy does not want that for you, for me. So, he will send distractions our way to attempt to have us get tired and stray our eyes to paths that appear easy…but appearances can sometimes be deceiving.

Verse 27 says, don’t allow yourself to be side-tracked for even a moment or take the detour that leads to darkness. Verse 19 says that the wicked waslk in thick darkness, like those who travel in fod, and yet don’t have a clue why they keep stumbling. You see, the appearance that the path of darkness or wordly desires seems easier, but it’s deceiving because that path is filled with fog. There is confusion. Things can’t be clearly seen. Walking in the dark or the fog will increase the changes of stumbling. Sometimes we don’t even know why we keep stumbling, but that’s only because we can’t clearly see.

While that’s what the enemy has for you, the path of Wisdom is one where we are promised to walk on a road that is safe and smooth; one where we will not stumble. Why? Because we have wisdom and understanding. Things are crystal clear. The world around us may not be so bright, but the path set before us by our Father is colorful, bright, and beautiful. It’s filled with light and truth. It’s filled with revelation, discernment, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. We can clearly see what’s before us and make the right decisions so that we do not stumble.

I note that it does not say there won’t be anything in the way that would cause someone to stumble. It says that we won’t stumble. It’s possible this path will have stones and obstables in the middle of the path, but what we don’t have to fear is falling. The ways are wisdom are more than the path. It’s a way of life. It’s not just know, but it’s having the mind of Christ to have revelation on how to overcome the obstable; to get past it without stumbling.

Sometimes the rock is a big ole mountain. We look at it and wonder how in the world are we going to get to the other side. Wisdom reveals that you (I) must climb it. It’s the only way. It’s not the easiest way. It will be challenging, but it’s possible and promises reward.y friends, I have been up a mountain, even over the last 6 months. I’ve stayed the path and it hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been void of it’s beauty and magnificence. Even in the midst of it all, I climbed a mountain (spiritually) this summer…AND the view was amazing. The excitment, thrill, and overwhelm of standing at the top was exhilerating, fulfilling, and beautiful. While I was up there, Holy Spirit told me to look out and enjoy the view. But He pointed out some mountains in the distance that were much taller. There was one He pointed to and said that was where we were headed. The view at the top of that mountain was more spectacular than what I was experiencing in that moment.

The way down the mountain wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The thrill was over and exhaustion set in. I took breaks; quite a few. Most people probably didn’t notice, but I did.

Once I got my mojo back and was whistling while I hiked guess what I came across. Yep! An obstable. The mountain the Holy Spirit pointed out was way closer than I thought. I knew (sensed) the mountainw as there, but considering the journey I had just had, I would have expected to have a bit more “recovery” time. Well, that is not what happened.

The mountain stood before me, I looked at, admired the difficult technical climb, but was encouraged. Only Holy Spirit can do that. Don’t get me wrong. It’s been painful. It’s been hard. But it’s been possible. Holy Spirit keeps reminding me of the moment at the top of the mountain this past summer. “Remember the view. Remember the beauty. There’s greater. That’s where we are headed.”

Friends, I’ve got my backback on. It’s not as shiny and new as when Jesus gave it to me, but I’ve got tools I’ve aquired along the way. These tools will not only help me for the journey to come, but I’ll be able to help others who are on the same journey.

Thank you, Holy Spirit…

I’ve run out of words here, so let’s move on.

A- Application

I will take the time to stop, listen and embrace Holy Spirit and wisdom. (verse 10)

I will do this by being consitent and waking up earlier to give myself sufficient time to be still and have a conversation with Holy Spirit.

I will trust that God is faithful to keep His word. I believe that as a lover of God, I am on the highway of light and this path shines bright.

P – Prayer

Holy Spirit, I pray that as I walk on this bright and clear path, others can see it shine and be drawn to it. I declare that anyone around me that may be on the path that leads to darkness may be drawn to the light of the path set before me. That they may desire the “highway of light” that it leads them to abandon the path they are on and join Your path.

Thank you for always finding ways to remind me of your promises and encouraging me to continue walking the path of righteousness. It’s not always easy, but it’s the only path I see with truth and light. In verse 11 you say that you take me by the hand and point t the path of integrity.

In that verse I am reminded of the day I stook atop the mountain and you pointed to another mountain we would climb. The path up this current mountain has definitely been one where integrity has been a focus. You have been helping me grow and stregnthen my character so that I can better reflect Your image.

Thank you for the moments along the way we have rested and rejoiced. I know we still have a bit to climb of this mountain, but my heart – oh my heart. I will go anywhere with You. I will walk any path, swim any ocean, and climb any mountain just so that I can be with you.

Jesus, I long for you. I crave you. I will climb any mountain if it gets me to where You are. To simply sit with you, even without uttering a word. You are the love of my life. Your embrace is everything. Your love…it’s worth climbing the mountain. Your presence is sweet. Your words have life. Your eyes; oh how your eyes emit waves of peace and love.

Holy Spirit, lead the way. I will go where ever you take me.

1 thought on “Proverbs 4: Highway of Light

  1. LOVED the backpack and mountain analogy!! Just this morning, I had this song from Tree63 playing in my mind, it’s called stumbling Stone. God has really spoken to me through his. Thank you ❤ Again!! Ha!


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