Extroverted Introvert

Since my encounter with God 3.5 years ago, I’ve been on a journey of discovery. Discovering who God is, in all His forms. And discovering who I am, so that I can repent of anything that doesn’t match the image I was created in.

While I can be a social butterfly, I like my alone time. Many who don’t know me intimately would mistake me as an extrovert, and I can understand why, but the reality is I’m an introvert. I re-energize in solitude, not crowds.

Historically I’ve felt guilty for being this way and I’ve been made to feel guilt and shame over it as well. However, one of the lessons I’ve learned from my journey is to accept how God created me to be and that it’s not wrong to desire alone time. Some would say it’s not good to be lonely but what they don’t realize is that when I’m alone, I don’t feel loneliness.

I’ve been learning how to love well. And while we often think about loving God and others, I didn’t limit the teachings, learning, and applications to God and others, I included myself.

I came across this article and while it’s not 100% me, it closely reflects my extroverted introverted ways. Learning to say no hasn’t been easy for me, but it’s been vital to my growth and health.

There are “things” about each of us that aren’t wrong, but others may perceive them as wrong because it’s not who they are or how to act. We must learn to decipher those things. Shame has got to go. Authenticity can only be a reality when shame has no place to live.



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