Well Done, My Child

2.5 years ago Mike and I decided to open up our home so that we could worship Jesus with others in an intimate setting. We never imagined what God would do out of our “yes.” 6 months after we packed up our life in Palm Cost and moved to Jacksonville. It was hard. I cried. But I knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were being called to Jax.

I wish that everyone could feel what’s in my heart. The deep sense of honor and love I have for the people of God in Jacksonville.

The fact that I get to be a (small) part of what God is doing in the people of this city is a great honor.

A word of encouragement.

The people!!! All the purposes of God’s heart is for the people; it’s all about the people. It’s not about the ministry or the gifts or the churches or the callings. All those are needed to accomplish His purposes, but they are FOR the people, they are not the main thing. The advancement of the Kingdom is for the people. What’s the point of a Kingdom if there are no people.

We must never lose sight of others. We are all important to Him. Every individual. May we never forget about “the one” in the pursuit of “growth.” Kingdom success is not measured in size – well, not by the way man measures size.

You may be one person. You may have a group of 5 people or 20. Some have groups of hundreds or thousands. Don’t measure you’re value by worldly standards. Steward well what God has given you. Don’t spend your time coveting what’s over there. Appreciate and love well what the Lord has entrusted to you. Some will devalue you, but you know better. You know what the Father has partnered with you on. Nothing is small when you partner with Him.

Keep your eyes on HIM. Follow His lead. There is no better place to be than within His purposes for YOU. Coveting what others have will only lead to frustration, envy, and bitterness. None of which are what the Father desires for you. He desires joy, peace, abundance, and love for you and your family.

Stay the course. Don’t give up. Be encouraged for the Lord is with you. Your success is not measured by human standards. You are mighty. What you offer and give to Him on a daily basis is enough. He takes it and multiplies all of it. You may not always see it in the natural, but your offerings are abundant in the spirit. You may not “see” the harvest as an abundant one, but the Lord, the Creator, your Father, is so very pleased because He can see beyond what you are capable of, and your harvest is of great abundance.

Keep your eyes on HIM. Your relationship with Him is the true measure of success. You can’t go wrong when you keep your eyes on HIM. And what does it matter what others say when your Father says “well done!”?

If God says well done, what you or others have to say is irrelevant. Stop placing more value on the words of others over HIS.

Know today that He is saying to you



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