I remember doing a video a few years ago about this and at that time I didn’t think it was possible. I thought that we just had to overcome fear or keep pushing through it. However, I’ve learned that I was wrong. Whoa! I know! I love to learn and as a learner you actually realize you are wrong quite often haha.

Anyway, It is possible to be fearless. BUT, not on our own. It requires Christ. It requires an understanding and acceptance of the amazing and trans-formative love of God. That’s what Jesus Christ was. The manifestation of God’s love. Perfect love (God) casts out all fear. It’s a scripture that we all know so well, but often times don’t truly believe. We take our experiences and try to make theologies out of it in order to explain what this verse “actually” means in order to justify why it’s not real in our lives. I mean, the verse is very straight forward and easy to understand…PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR. It doesn’t mask it. It doesn’t give us the power to overcome it. LOVE CASTS IT OUT!!! LOVE GETS RID OF FEAR!

So, if you have fear in your life and find yourself making decisions, big and small, influenced by your fears, I want you to know that you can end that NOW! Jesus DOES NOT want you to have fear or live in fear. He, for sure, doesn’t want you make decisions in your life based on fears you may have. He wants to set you free! Not tomorrow, a week from now or on January 1.

He has freedom for you NOW!


It’s quite simple. Maybe not easy, but simple and possible.

With a repentant heart, pray (speak) to God that you believe (or have heard) that His love casts out all fear and you want to experience it. Be honest and express that fear has governed your life long enough and that you no longer want to have fear or be led by fear. Ask Him to shower you with His love…the love that casts out all fear. Lay your cares upon Him and ALLOW His love to come over you and inundate your entire being. ALLOW Him to love you. As you do so, watch the fears melt away as the revelation of His love washes over you and instills a level of trust in God you have never experienced before. When you realize the width, length, depth and height of the Father’s love, all fears fade away.

My prayer for you is that you experience God’s love in a new, fresh, and real way today; That it may no longer be just a cliche phrase, but the revelation of the depth of His love for YOU may be made alive in your life TODAY!



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