Christmas: Celebration of His Life

This Christmas is bittersweet. We aren’t able to have 3 of our kids with us. The energy in the house isn’t the same as when we have all 5, but they are in our hearts. Their presence is all over the house. All their stockings are up. Memories of the previous years flood my mind and heart.

This year Christmas is quiet and intimate. There’s no extravagance or tons of people to host. It’s really allowed me to reflect and meditate on what Christmas is really about; the life of Jesus. Most would say the birth of Jesus, and while yes, that’s correct, I celebrate His life. His whole life, including His birth.

Jesus is my living hope. It is Jesus that allows me to experience perfect love that casts out all fear, peace that surpasses understanding, unspeakable joy, and an abundant life.

It is not the circumstances around me that determine whether love, peace, joy, and abundance are in my life; it is Jesus in my life that does. All those things are found in Him. All I need to do is keep my eyes on Him and allow Him to reveal the Father’s heart to me. Once I know the Father’s heart, evil and fear will never overtake me. Perfect love casts out fear.

So, as I sit here, waiting for my 2 younger kids to wake up and open their Christmas gifts, I meditate on the life of Jesus. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing, is better than Him. He is my life. He is my everything. My soul longs for Him. I wait on Him. His promises will be fulfilled. He is faithful.

Jesus is LOVE.

Merry Christmas. 🎄

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