Chick-fil-a is not a measuring stick

Does Chick-fil-a really measure the temperature of Christianity?

If it does, then we are using the wrong measuring stick. A business DOES NOT live for Christ. People live for Christ; not business. If we all were to focus on living out the mission God gave us, we’d have less time to be judging everyone and everything else. Let’s share more about what we believe in instead of what we don’t. Let’s share more about what we love instead of what we hate. Let’s share what we stand for instead of what we are against. And please please please let’s STOP this rock throwing. Many of the judgements are being made from social media posts and media articles. Can we really judge a thing by what someone says about it? Have we heard it from the horses mouth? Are we throwing stones because everyone else is ? Or throwing stones because “someone said…”. Are we in a rage because we are offended and a business like chick-fil-a makes or breaks the legitimacy of my faith in Christ?

Jesus said “he who has no sin throw the first stone”… everyone walked away, unfortunately many aren’t dropping the stone, but holding on to it just waiting for the next person who fails so they can chuck it…bc it’s easier to chuck stones at people than it is to evaluate our own heart and lives.

You know what I believe in? That Jesus is changing the lives of all sorts of people who are daringly willing to declare his greatness and that He is King. I believe that His kingdom is expanding on the earth, and I want to be a part of that. I believe that mercy trumps over judgment. I believe that punishment in not a part of the language of love. I believe relationship(s) is the heartbeat of God. I believe that the intention of the heart is what matters. I believe that only God can judge hearts.

I believe that JESUS IS KING!!!!

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